About us

“Every man is a moon and has a dark side which is turned towards nobody – you have to slip around behind if you want to see it.”      Mark Twain

The same may be said of governments, NGO’s, and large companies.

The wind industry is under such pressure from irate citizens that in Australia it has opened a new webpage to spread half-truths and other propaganda in a bid to discredit its critics.   The webpage is called Act on Facts:  www.actonfacts.org

No More Lies
Nomoreliesblog will address the lies, and re-establish the truth.  Truth will beat money at the finish line.


4 thoughts on “About us

  1. If the wind industry had told the truth from the beginning no wind turbines would have been built . They continue to specialise in spin , untruths , denigration and bullying whilst throwing $$$ around to buy naive australians and destroy our communities . It is a pity so many aussies are sooo trusting but that is the gentle nature of country people .
    Those who tell lies always wear their deceit in the end —- and the end is coming !!!!! May the wind industry enjoy wearing all the muck it has thrown over the years as the spin they specialise in flys back in their face . THWACK !!! THWACK !! THWACK !!

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  3. Good morning!

    I found your blog by way of Masterresource….

    Reason for stopping by: I am re-launching a blog I sort of abandoned 6 years ago. I figure to list quite a few other blogs in a blog-roll on the front page, and it occurs to me this morning that I ought to do a whole section for wind-resistance blogs.

    The site it here http://earthshattered2.blogspot.ca/

    Let me know if that is good with you!

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