Dividing communities

No More Lies

The first lie: developers consult with the community

Many people who live near wind turbines wake up with palpitations in the middle of the night because of pulsating low frequency noise and infrasound emitted by wind turbines. Then they waste hours trying to get back to sleep. So how come wind farms are built so close to homes? It’s to make more money, for the further out they go into the wilderness, the longer the power lines and the access roads they have to build. Image

The wind industry argues that their developers consult with the community. This is a half-truth, which is very effective for misleading the public because it contains some apparent truth. The following letter, written by a concerned Irishman to the Irish Times, tells a different story:

Wind farm facts and fictions

Tue, Apr 9, 2013, 05:55

First published: Tue, Apr 9, 2013, 05:55

Sir, – Once again a wind farm developer misses the point when dealing with objections to wind farms (Letters, April 5th). Brendan McGrath, CEO of Gaelectric, writes that responsible wind farm developers consult local communities.

What he doesn’t state is that these consultations only occur once landowners have been locked into contracts to put wind turbines on their land. What follows is a divided community with some farmers set to make thousands of euros a year from turbines on their land, and their neighbours, who are facing a future of noise, visual disturbance and property devaluation.

Responsible developers should be discussing their proposals to put wind turbines into an area before they sign up local landowners. Whole communities should then be able to make an informed decision, with the right to refuse a wind farm, no matter how a land area has been designated.

Mr McGrath suggests he is motivated by a desire to cut greenhouse gases. The hundreds of wind farm objectors that I have met have exactly the same ambitions.

They just want to be able to open their windows to peace and quiet, and get a decent night’s sleep. – Yours, etc,

Aghaclogher, Strokestown,
Co Roscommon, Ireland.

What the man does not say is that the planning authorities rubberstamp the applications no matter how much the citizens protest. Money is all they care about. The democratic deficit is huge.


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