Neighbors not happy

lies - multiple

Second lie: in Denmark, people are happy with their wind turbines

This is false. Nearly 200 associations of wind farm victims have formed in Denmark, and most are now federated into a larger one:
National Association of Neighbors Fighting Wind turbines.

What is more, Dr Mauri Johansson, specialist in Community & Occupational Medicine in Denmark, warns about the serious health effects of windfarms, and of the collusion of the Danish government with Big Wind. He quotes a retired Danish High Court judge who said: “wind power has thoroughly corrupted the political system.”

Here are a few more quotes from his letter:

“Documents …have shown that already in the late 1980’s there were complaints about the noise, but local as well as central authorities generally refused to investigate, and did not involve medical expertise. This happens also today.

“Despite these complaints for over 20 years, unfortunately no medically based research has ever been conducted in Denmark, even not as a base for “safe” distances and noise limitations. The only research has been engineer-performed noise measurements and calculations. This ignores the human physiological impact of the wind turbine noise, previously shown in research into the impacts of other noise sources. Engineers are not physicians, and therefore cannot assess the impact on human health. Furthermore, those acoustic engineers closely connected with the wind industry have an obvious yet rarely acknowledged financial conflict of interest.

“The ongoing denial of FACTS about the existence of serious sleep and health problems in wind turbine neighbours is unforgiveable. So too is the refusal by authorities to properly measure the noise inside people’s homes, and the refusal to conduct the multidisciplinary medical research.

“The comments made by retired Danish High Court judge Peter Roerdam in the Copenhagen Post on 16th November, 2012 (12) that wind power is “an industry which has thoroughly corrupted the political system” is all too true, in my experience, and comes at the direct expense of the health of Danish people.

“It is clear the institutional political corruption, and the lack of professional ethics on the part of wind industry acousticians and public health researchers, who ignore or deny the existence of the sleep and health problems and the consequent serious longterm damage to health, is not limited to Denmark.”

Yours sincerely,

Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH
Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine
Denmark, July 6th, 2013

See the full letter:

And this article: Neighbours on the Barricades Against Wind Turbines in Denmark


2 thoughts on “Neighbors not happy

  1. I personally know several former consensus scientists (who received big grants to promote false consensus opinions) that are now quietly backing away from scientific fraud on realizing that they formerly sold their own family and friends into slavery by promoting falsehoods as scientific facts.

    The basic problem for society is now the same, worldwide:

    Fear of nuclear annihilation in August 1945 (and we came much closer than society knows) convinced world leaders to:

    1. Form the UN on 24 October 1945
    2. Hide knowledge of nuclear energy
    3. Eliminate national constitutions
    4. Eliminate national boundaries
    5. Save themselves by tyrannical control of society in the manner George Orwell predicted in “1984.”

    Orwell’s prediction was fulfilled on schedule, but it remained invisible to the public until Climategate emails were surreptitiously released in late November 2009:

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    PS: Another EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) from the Sun’s pulsar core – as happened in the late 1850′s– may be required to knock sense into world leaders and make them admit that they cannot enslave mankind nor control Earth’s climate.

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