Windfarms are redundant

The third lie: one kWh produced by a wind turbine saves one kWh produced with fossil fuels

         lier - new jobs                                  lier energy independence - David Cameron    

Left or right, same campaign: save-the-planet / don’t-mind-your-wallet.
It’s the biggest con EVER.

Here is the simple truth:

Wind farms provide no useful electricity
by Richard S. Courtney, energy consultant

Electricity is wanted all the time but the demand for electricity varies from hour to hour, day to day, and month to month. The electricity grid has to match the supply of electricity to the demand for it at all times. This is difficult because power stations cannot be switched on and off as demand varies.

The problem of matching electricity supply to varying demand is overcome by operating power stations in three modes called “base load,” “generation,” and “spinning standby.”

Some power stations operate all the time providing electricity to the grid, and they are said to provide “base load.”

Other power stations also operate all the time but do not provide electricity all the time. They burn (or fission) their fuel to boil water and superheat the resulting steam which is fed to the steam turbines that are thus kept hot and spinning all the time. Of course, they emit all the emissions from use of their fuel all the time. But some of this time they dump heat from their cooling towers instead of generating electricity, and they are then said to be operating “spinning standby.”

One or more power stations can be instantly switched from spinning standby to provide electricity to match an increase to demand for electricity. It is said to be operating “generation” when it is providing electricity. Power stations are switched between spinning standby and generation as demand for electricity changes.

Thus the grid operator manages the system to match supply with demand for electricity by switching power stations between “generation” and “spinning standby.”

Windfarm input to electricity

Windfarms only provide electricity when the wind is strong enough and not too strong. So, they suddenly provide electricity when the wind changes. The grid operator must match this changed supply of electricity to the existing demand for electricity. Of course, the grid operator achieves the match by switching a power station to spinning standby mode. That power station continues to operate in this mode so it can provide electricity when the windfarm stops supplying electricity because the wind has changed again.

Windfarms only force power stations to operate more spinning standby. They provide no useful electricity and make no reduction to emissions from power generation. Indeed, the windfarm is the true source of emissions from a power station operating spinning standby in support of the windfarm.

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This is confirmed by Dr. John Etherington, (retired) Lecturer in Ecology at the University of Wales. See his book, The Wind Farm Scam, for sale on Internet. It is also confirmed by independent engineers and scientists, who can speak freely, and by anyone with an open mind willing to use his/her logic: why haven’t all these wind farms reduced CO2 emissions?

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If wind farms provide useless electricity that is outrageously expensive, then why politicians from all parties want so much of it? Because in return for the massive subsidies they give to wind and solar profiteers, these are contributing to their electoral campaign funds. It’s all so very simple, really.

Am I the only one to think that way? – Of course not! Most “wind warriors” (anti windfam campaigners) know that; UKIP candidates know that, and refuse to danse to that tune; even a Danish High Court judge knows that (see my previous post on this blog). In a radio interview, conservationist Mark Duchamp exposed this systemic corruption most clearly, and he referred to an article and a book from the US on the subject (1). So if you have doubts, you can review the evidence:


And if you still have doubts, read the mind-gobbling article just published by world-famous investigative journalist James Delingpole. The UK is secretely installing thousands of diesel generators to take the place of wind farms when the wind drops: this will raise the price of electricity to staggering heights, and ruin the country. Read it all here:–insane-true-eco-scandals.html


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