Peer-reviewed prostitution

Propaganda is a form of censorship based on the size of the loudspeaker.

All that propaganda needs to be effective is money

Propaganda doesn’t need sophistication when deep pockets can ensure that the lies are disseminated worldwide and repeated often. It’s carpet bombing as opposed to surgical strikes. This being the case, the wind lobby’s strategy is quite simple: DENY THE OBVIOUS.

Wind turbines cause impaired sleep?
– Deny it, and say it’s the “nocebo effect” that does it. Big bucks will buy any peer-reviewed study you need to prove it. It’s easy: in this business, consultants and PR boys make a living prostituting themselves.


Residents leave their homes to sleep in caravans or at their friends’ place?
– Deny it, or buy the house and slap a gag clause in the contract.

Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman, the denialist

Property values drop the minute a windfarm project is announced?
– Deny it, and find an “expert” willing to testify that the opposite is true. I have seen a “study” from the UK pretending that property prices went up after a windfarm was built. The trick was this: they chose a buoyant property market, and surveyed a large enough area around the turbines so that most properties would not be within sight of the turbines, or out of reach of their sound emissions. Easy as pie!

Tourism is affected?
– Take bus loads of school children to visit a “windfarm tourist center” built for the occasion near some turbines. Once dozens of articles have been written on this “tourism bonanza”, close down the center to reduce costs.

Birds and bats are killed by the turbine blades?
– Make generous donations to the bird society, finance their studies, hire their ornithologists to count dead birds – but putting a gag clause in their contracts, just in case.

Green jobs kill other jobs in the economy?
– Deny it, and repeat over and over again that windfarms create jobs, period. People will believe you: it’s a half truth, and that’s good enough for 90% of the public.

Subsidies to wind cause the price of electricity to soar?
– Deny it, and accuse the price of oil, gas or whatever. If this doesn’t work, accuse the elecricity companies of being greedy, even in countries where the price of electricity is set by the government. It doesn’t matter: people are so gullible, they think that, as wind is free, windfarms will lower the price of electricity, right? – WRONG! Someone must pay for those subsidies somehow, and that will hit the poor, pensioners and the struggling middle class hardest. But people don’t bother to think that far. The evening brainwash-comedy (“the news”) tell them what’s important and what isn’t.

Virgil once wrote, in latin, more or less the following: “A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on”. But, eventually, truth gets booted and spurred, and the lie gets a good licking. This is what this shoe-string-budget video intends to do:


So, what’s more credible, a multi million dollar campaign from a big multinational company trying to sell its product, or a humble video posted on youtube by people who have been misled into believing this product was useful and safe?

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3 thoughts on “Peer-reviewed prostitution

  1. A lie on the other side, matching the ecofascist claim that windmill subsonics cause no harm, is the Linear No Threshold (LNT) one about low level radiation causing harm.

    There not only is not and never has been any evidence for it, there has, from the start, been a lot that it is beneficial.

    Nonetheless the lie is the foundation stone of anti-nuclear scarism so it is pushed.

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