Global cooling confirmed

Global COOLING confirmed

Principia Scientific just published an important article by Dr Sierra Rayne:

Indeed, the cooling is already being felt by people in Europe and the United States

April 5th, I published an official graph from NOAA showing a clear cooling trend in February average temperatures around the world: 

2014 02  NOAA temperature anomalies graph

May 14th, Principia Scientific published another NOAA graph showing a clear cooling trend for the three month period January to March. This is more significant still. Here it is:

2014 05 2014 NOAA global cooling graph

This goes to show that:

– climate modelling failed,

– the IPCC reports are unreliable,

– CO2 is not a significant driver of climate,

– all the hoopla, all the propaganda, and the trillion dollars spent to curb CO2 emissions have been wasted.

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