Thought police in action

Venal universities, groupthink tyranny, and “anti-rumor agents”

– Money isn’t enough, they want our brains –

The University of Aalborg, Denmark, just fired famous Professor Henrik Møller, Denmark’s top researcher in acoustics. He had the misfortune of being both honest and courageous: he publicly disagreed with the Danish government. His research proves that wind farms are harmful to people living in their vicinity, and he stood his ground in the Danish media against insufficient setbacks (buffer zones) established by the authorities. Read more here: Professor Møller fired – in Danish

The University conducts million-dollar research for wind turbine manufacturer VESTAS – here is but one example, in Danish. As elsewhere in the world, money is corrupting science.

Christopher Booker just published a thought-provoking article. In it we read: “…under the heading “Thought police on patrol”, a well-known US journalist, Charles Krauthammer, reported how his newspaper had received a petition signed by more than 110,000 people calling on it not to carry any more articles questioning the fact of man-made global warming”. Read more here: Sinister groupthink powers the modern world – in English


In Catalonia, the Spanish state which will call a secessionist referendum later this year, the “Anti-rumor Agency” operated by the City of Barcelona is spreading out. Three years ago it formed and certified 436 “anti-rumor agents” to educate the population with politically correct information on immigration. Anti-rumor agents – in Spanish

Now it operates well beyond Barcelona, for instance in Tenerife, Canary islands: – in English and in the Basque country – each agent to convince and recruit 10 more agents, who in turn will do the same, etc. – in Spanish

One can only wonder when agents will be fighting in the same manner (in the streets) “rumors” against wind farms and global warming. For the moment, they do it on the Net – e.g. Mike Barnard and Simon Chapman – or in the media. And will they end up being paid, wear green shirts, and impose sanctions to citizens who express ideas not in line with “the consensus”?

George Orwell’s “1984” is no longer science fiction: the thought police is active and spreading. Big Brother is making himself at home in western democracies.

Orwell was right, and so was Ronald Reagan: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.


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3 thoughts on “Thought police in action

  1. Another case: in May last year, Dr Murry Salby was sacked by Macquarie University in Sydney, His crime: not being a groupthinker (he does not believe science should be politically correct).

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