Welcome to green hell

Infrasound recorded visually


A group of mechanical engineers at the University of Minnesota recently managed to record infrasound visually. By placing a search light next to a wind turbine, with falling snow acting as a screen, it is possible to SEE the footprints of infrasound generated by each turbine blade as it passes in front of the tower. The pulsations are recorded, like footsteps in the snow. See this AMAZING VIDEO

These infrasound impulses can no longer be denied by the wind industry: they are so real they can be SEEN. But this is counting without the media at large, which manipulate public opinion by cherry picking the “stories” they will publish, and ignoring the others. Shamelessly, their editors have sold out to green fascists, crony capitalists and corrupt politicians. The new world order is here, complete with its propaganda machine and its benevolent führer.

EnBW To Launch Offshore Windpark In Baltic Sea

The Jews of this new evil empire are the windfarm neighbors. They are the roadkills of Energiewende, a fourth Reich with the world in its grip, where once again crooks impose their sick schemes through crafty manipulation. Tortured by the thousand through sleep deprivation, rural families are the collateral damage of this new regime whose war is against common sense and moderation. Their concentration camps are their own homes: moving isn’t affordable if one’s house loses a big chunk of its value and one’s income is tied to the location.

Welcome to green hell!

About the reality of the Wind Turbine Syndrome: Letter from Dr. Nina Pierpont, July 2nd 2014


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