Windfarm swindle hits the rocks

Wind turbine infrasound affects OVULATION (Denmark)


“All my female employees are complaining of irregular menstruations, and several have permanent headaches.” (Boye Jensen, whose garden center has now 3 wind turbines as neighbors).

Windfarms: 1,600 miscarriages


“1,600 animals were born prematurely at a mink farm last month. Many had deformities, and most were dead on arrival.”…”The only thing different at the farm since last year has been the installation of four large wind turbines only 328 meters away.”

Another horror story from Denmark

“…when the wind blows from the South West (where the nearby wind turbines are), mother minks attack their own puppies…” See the video here:Young mink badly bitten

Windfarms kill another small business


“The owner is now closing his business for fear of being held liable should a child be born with deformities, as happened to numerous mink puppies at a fur farm near wind turbines in Jutland (1).”

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The wind industry can no longer deny it. Tangible proof is here at last. The windfarm swindle has hit the rocks.

Read more here: World Council for Nature


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6 thoughts on “Windfarm swindle hits the rocks

  1. Das ist großer Unfug! Solche Behauptungen entberen jeder Sachlichkeit und wissenschaftlicher Beweisbarkeit. Es gibt bis heute keinerlei Beweise für gesundheitliche Schädigung durch Windräder. Menstruationsbeschwerden durch Windräder ist genauso, also würde ich behaupten, Männer bekommen dadurch eine Glatze. Die Gegner dieser sauberen und umweltfreundlichen Energiegewinnung denken sich immer solche dummen Argument aus und es gibt leider viele, die diesen Unfug auch noch glauben. Naja, viele glauben wahrscheinlich auch noch heute, die Erde wäre eine Scheibe 🙂

  2. Here is the Google translation of the comment written in German:
    This is poppycock! Such claims entberen any objectivity and scientific provability. Until today there is no evidence of health damage caused by wind turbines. Menstrual cramps by wind turbines is just so I would say men get by bald. The opponents of this clean and environmentally friendly energy always think up such stupid argument and there are unfortunately many who still believe this nonsense. Well, many probably believe even today, the earth was flat

  3. And here is my reply to it:
    The tobacco industry, the asbestos industry, the makers of thalidomide etc. all used the same arguments to stop their opponents from cutting into their huge profits. They were defeated in the end, for no amount of money can stop the truth from emerging one day. And these stories from Denmark are just that: the truth emerging.

    1,600 stillbirths at a mink farm last spring didn’t occur without a cause. Mother minks attacking their young when the wind blows from the direction of the wind turbines, this needs to be taken seriously, not dismissed as is being done by the health authorities who take theirs orders from corrupt politicians.

    There is enough scientific evidence to warrant a moratorium on windfarms, and serious, independent research into their emissions of infrasound. But the wind lobby refuses to carry out investigations into infrasound. This alone is an admission of guilt. One must be blinded by “faith” in wind turbines not to realize that.

    • Es gibt KEINERLEI echte Nachweise über Gesundheitsschäden durch Windräder! Jedem steht es frei, sich eine “Studie” in seinem Sinne anfertigen zu lassen. Jeder PC-Lüfter erzeugt, wenn man daneben sitzt, mehr Infraschall als ein Windrad in 500 Meter Entfernung aber neben einem PC sitzen die Leute stundenlang und keiner meckert aber die WIndräder erzeugen angeblich in hunderten Metern Entfernung gesundheitliche Schäden? Unsinn! Das sind ausgedachte Argumente von Leuten die gegen die Windräder sind und denen es eben an echten Argumenten fehlt. Wie schon gesagt, gibt es weltweit nicht einen einzigen nachweislichen Fall von gesundheitlichen Schäden durch Windräder bei Personen. Ich vergleiche diese Argumentation immer mit dem Mittelalter, wo man Hexen gejagt und verbrannt hat. Wer weiß, daß die Erde rund ist weiß auch, daß Windräder die Gesundheit nicht schädigen und insgesamt eine gute Sache sind! Also vorwärts schauen und sich nicht durch unsachliche und einfältige Argumentation für Dumm verkaufen lassen! Wir gehen fast jede Woche zwischen den bei uns stehenden Windrädern (9 Stück) spazieren und geniesen den schönen Anblick der sauberen Energiegewinnung.

      • Here is the Google translation of the above comment in German:

        There is NO real evidence of health damage caused by wind turbines! Everyone is free to seek a “study” commission in its senses. Each PC fan generated when you sit next to it, more infrasound as a wind turbine 500 meters away but in addition a PC people sit for hours and nobody complains but the wind turbines produce allegedly in hundreds of meters away health problems? Nonsense! These are well thought out arguments from people who are against wind turbines and where it just lack of real arguments. As I said, there is not a single world proven case of health damage caused by wind turbines in people. I always compare this reasoning with the Middle Ages, where they have hunted down and burned witches. Who knows that the earth is round also know that wind turbines do not harm the health and overall a good thing are! So look forward and can be sold not by irrelevant and silly reasoning for Dumm! We go almost every week between the standing in our wind turbines (9 pieces) for a walk and enjoy the beautiful sight of clean energy.

  4. And here is my reply:

    Of course one can walk by wind turbines and not feel inconvenienced. But try to sleep in a house located 500 meters from a wind turbine. Many people will have insomnia, or wake up in the middle of the night with palpitations, and will stay awake the rest of the night, unable to sleep. Infrasound RESONATE in closed spaces, like a car or a house. It makes it worse.

    Then, length of exposure is key. The minks in Denmark were exposed 24 hours a day. They could not escape the infrasound emitted by the wind turbines. This caused 1,600 miscarriages at the mink farm.

    The 400 goats which died in Taiwan were forced to live 24h a day about 50 meters from a wind turbine: they simply died as a result. They could not sleep. This was reported by the BBC, who are known for being ardent supporters of wind farms.

    There are lots of studies proving this. Haven’t you heard of the Vibro Acoustic Disease? It is caused by prolongued exposure to infrasound emitted by all kinds of machinery. A recent peer-reviewed study in Portugal shows that wind turbines also emit these dangerous infrasound. On top of that, they are pulsating, which makes things worse. Dr Nissenbaum puts it very clearly in this video:

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