Mike Barnard

Bullying a windfarm victim

In an article of August 22, 2014 by Lindsay Abrams, trying to discredit the claims of wind farm victims, we read: “Since 1998, 49 lawsuits in five countries have alleged that the clean energy source [wind farms] is making people sick. But according to new research published by the Energy and Policy Institute, the courts have shut those claims down in all cases but one.” http://www.suntimes.com/news/otherviews/29416340-452/wind-turbines-dont-make-people-sick.html

– I say: we could find similarly meaningless statistics if we went back in time, when the courts were absolving the Tobacco Industry.

– Most courts, like governments, have swallowed the windfarm scam hook, line and sinker. This recent judgment, evidencing a strong pro-wind bias, says it all: http://www.epaw.org/media.php?lang=en&article=pr48

– Court decisions can’t be held as the gold standard of truth and fairness. All the more in a society obsessed with political correctness, where certain ideas are arbitrarily declared “consensual”, and turned into dogmas which become ipso facto more important than the facts. Don’t we know that progress in science is almost always achieved by rejecting the “consensus”? And so it is with infrasound emitted by wind turbines: the dogma saying these emissions are benign is about to be blown apart, and this is what sparks desperate attempts at bullying and discrediting windfarm victims and the health professionals who support them.

The article proceeds to say: “The name “wind turbine syndrome” was coined by Nina Pierpont, a pediatrician who also happens to be an anti-wind activist”.

– This is the pot calling the kettle black. Mike Barnard, cited as a reference, is one of the world’s best known activists of the windfarm scam. He is in fact a professional activist, making a living from it, and receiving all kinds of help from the industry.

Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard

– Barnard, as quoted by the author of the article, criticizes people who “have declared themselves as experts”, forgetting that this includes himself. Indeed, he has no qualifications for doing what he does, yet he calls himself the “lead researcher” in the “new study” that is calling thousands of windfarm victims “liers”. The man does not know the meaning of the words “consistency” and “intellectual honesty”. He is the typical odious bully, and so appears to be Lindsay Abrams, who quotes him while adding a layer of smear of his own brew.

– Dr Nina Pierpont, on the other hand, is a courageous pediatrician who conducted field research years ago, paid with her own money, in which she found that wind farm neighbors who were complaining of sleep disruption, headaches, nauseas etc. had very consistent symptoms, which prompted her to coin a new ailment: the Wind Turbine Syndrome. She published a book on her findings, and is giving evidence in court around the world: does that make her an activist?

Dr Nina Pierpont
Dr Nina Pierpont

The propaganda piece continues: “But a review of 60 peer-reviewed articles published earlier this summer in the journal Frontiers of Public Health found only that audible noise from turbines can be annoying to some people — electromagnetic fields, low-frequency noise, infrasound and “shadow flicker” all were deemed unlikely to be affecting human health.”

– How could all these articles pretend that infrasound is “unlikely” to affect people, when we know that the military and the police have developed weapons using infrasound for debilitating enemy troops or unruly crowds? The technology is not mature yet, as a way must be found to spare friendly troops. But more devices are being patented all the time: http://www.schizophonia.com/archives/index.htm (click article: “Deadly Silence”)

– And what about the Vibro Acoustic Disease, a long-known ailment which affects people exposed to machines that produce infrasound? http://wcfn.org/2014/07/15/open-letter-to-the-danish-government/

– Then ask yourselves: if infrasound were harmless, would the wind industry and governments that promote it systematically refuse to conduct research into infrasound emitted by wind turbines? And this at the risk of being sued one day for gross negligence?
I can smell a rat, can’t you?

Finally, the author of the article resorts to personal attack: “When Dr. Pierpont attempts to appear in court as an expert witness, she is rejected outright along with her 294-page vanity press book, as happened in a tribunal related to the Adelaide wind farm in Ontario.”

– She did not “attempt to appear in Court”. Her testimony was called by windfarm victims but, abusively, the judge refused to hear their expert witness. What does that tell you about the independence of justice in Ontario, a Canadian Province thoroughly corrupted by the windfarm scam?
In other countries, she was allowed to testify, and her interventions have been very helpful, whatever the outcome.

– “rejected outright along with her 294-page vanity press book” says Lindsay Abrams.
– I say: while pro-wind literature flourishes thanks to billions of dollars of public money spent to inundate the world with it, independent researchers must finance their own publications. Does that make these less valuable?
But Abrams could not resist bullying Dr Pierpont on this score, thereby bringing discredit upon himself.


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12 thoughts on “Mike Barnard

  1. I wrote this article last year to address the problem of how the media is controlling the message that is allowed to reach the public, and distorting any information they do print regarding the reality surrounding the industrial wind mess. A good portion of the article is directly addresses IBM’s cyber-bully, Mike Barnard. See:

    New York Wind Wars – Hiding the Facts:

    • Further thoughts: how can the wind industry claim windfarm victims are “inventing” their symptoms!? Nocebo effect my foot: infrasound at high levels can be used as a weapon. It can rupture ear drums, even kill people.

      At lower intensities, as emitted by wind turbines, it can provoke nauseas, headaches, sleeplessness, and the symproms known as WTS (Wind Turbine Syndrome). There are enough victims of WTS to warrant an epidemiology study. But governments, heavily lobbied (read $$$) by vested interests, refuse to commission research into this. They limit themselves to financing research into the AUDIBLE sound emitted by the monster turbines. This is the trick.

      No, it’s not gross negligence: it’s voluntary. And that is CRIMINAL. After years of exposure to these inaudible sounds (which cause our internal organs to vibrate), years of sleeplessness, cardiac dysrhythmia, etc., some windfarm neighbours may actually die from the consequences. A number of bright and honest health professionals have warned against this possibility.

      The criminals have been warned, but they continue laughing their way to the bank. I sincerely hope they will pay for their crimes.

      • They may think they are getting away with it now, but eventually all of us will have to stand before the Good Lord and answer for our choices in this life.

  2. A document from the French government lists “infrasound weapons” among the gear that can be used for crowd control. The effect is specified: nauseas. This is consistent with one of the sympoms felt by wind turbine victims. Quote (see the last 4 words):
    “Plusieurs types d’armes non létales sont conçus expressément pour le contrôle de foule. Les principales sont: les jets d’eau à haute pression, les gaz irritants, mais aussi, plus récemment, les armes à micro-ondes (sensations de brûlures) et les armes à infrasons (nausées).”

    Click to access 50_726-743.pdf

  3. It is only a matter of time before the number of cases of ill health reported reach critical levels which even the industry and vested interests can no longer suppress. For those wanting access to Open Letters to UK government departments and medical authorities, plus information relating to the wind industry please visit http://www.windsofjustice.org.uk That developers globally will be forced to pay compensation will be seen to be the growing result of a High Court ruling in Denmark. See http://www.internationallawoffice.com/newsletters/detail.aspx?g=62778e35-9a95-4c1f-9a93-2fa28ead1dcc

  4. Hot from the press:
    Dr Sarah Laurie has been bullied to the point where she voluntarily offered to forego using her title of “Dr” (until she resumes her medical practice) in order to be able to pursue her valuable work as CEO of the Waubra Foundation without being harrassed.
    Read all about it here:

    Mike Barnard works for IBM, he says. It’s a wonder this multinational company, which prides itself of having achieved “excellence”, maintains an employee whose actions reflect so poorly on its good name.

  5. The people at IBM, by allowing an employee of theirs, to harass, and degrade, the victims of this world wide windscam, are aiding and abetting a heinous individual. Barnard purposely attacks people, who are trying to get relief from the torture they are experiencing from not only the wind turbines themselves, but also the cruel, and devious creatures, that deny the harm they are causing with their industrial machines! Any articles he finds, where people are coming forward, to tell of their experiences with wind turbines, he jumps in, and accuses them of a multitude of sins, all designed to protect the wind industry, in spite of whatever problems the turbines are causing for the victims. The sooner IBM, gets rid of this horrific blemish on their corporate face, the better off everyone will be!

  6. Until notified otherwise ALL references to Mike Barnard should be clearly and consistently ‘IBM’s Mike Barnard” because that is not incorrect (at the moment)..

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