Are wind turbines killing people?


It is growing everyday more evident that wind turbines are slowly killing some residents who live in their immediate vicinity or beyond. But we can’t prove it as yet. How do you ask a dead person what was the exact cause of her suicide? How do you get a doctor to certify that the heart attack or the cancer that killed Mr. XYZ was caused by the wind turbines installed near his home?

Yet we hear of suicides in homes near wind turbines. We hear of cardio-vascular diseases, we hear of cancers…

In spite of numerous requests for epidemiological studies to be conducted near wind farms, governments turn a deaf ear. Precautionary principle? – out the window. Public health care? – down the drain. Justice? – you must be joking. All we get are denials. Governments commission biassed research that predictably denies any problems exist.

The studies are doctored to whitewash the “planet-saving” contraptions. Infrasound is excluded, yet it is known to be the cause of most of the health problems experienced by residents. Epidemiological studies are never conducted, and studies rely on “modelling” for their sound measurements. Here is what a scientist wrote about modelling: “Give me three parameters, I’ll draw you an elephant. Give me four and I’ll wag its tail”.

The “democratic” society we live in is corrupt to the point where we can’t even trust the judiciary – see below how the European Court of Justice mishandled a case brought to them by over 600 European associations of residents. So, how are we to trust our health authorities? They have covered up for the tobacco industry for decades: why do you think they will act any different now?

European Court of Justice


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2 thoughts on “Are wind turbines killing people?

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  2. About the unreliability of modelling sound intensity: “the turbine normally operates at 103.2dB but the manufacturer has also stated that it may produce up to 110dB under certain circumstances.” This confession is found in a letter from Bruce Mabbott, windfarm project manager, to the Town of Falmouth. The letter is available upon request to:

    My understanding is that sound intensity doubles every 3 dB. So, if I am not mistaken, 110 dB represents a trebling of the sound intensity as compared to 103.2 dB. The Vestas V82 wind turbine in question is therefore violating the legal limit by a HUGE margin from time to time.

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