The Corrupt Coalition

Silencing the science and concerned citizens

Democrat's fascism

Attempts to gag dissenting voices are rampant in XXIst century democracies. Here is what one could read in the press this week: “Free speech is the right to express a point of view … Disinformation, however, is the intentional use of untruths in an attempt to misinform and confuse” (in reference to a billboard challenging the anthropogenic global warming theory).

The libertycide who spoke these words is John Bennett, National program director of the Sierra Club, one of the many NGOs that moved from ecology to radical politics (source: The National Post – see below). The Sierra Club obviously think that THEY know the truth, and that anyone disagreeing with them in public is practicing “disinformation”.
Pol Pot and Idi Amin reasoned in a similar way.

Then, reports the Canadian broadsheet, the Sierra Club executive asked his troops, his “green shirts” so to speak, to try and gag Friends of Science, the Canadian association which rented the billboard. The media at large, which kowtow to the Corrupt Coalition *, call “deniers” and refuse to interview those climate scientists who think that the sun, not CO2, is the main driver of climate – hence the idea of the billboards.

* The Corrupt Coalition regroups crony capitalists and misguided politicians, and the scientists, professionals and NGOs they fund with our money.

Read more: The National Post

Green fascism is also flexing its muscles
at COP 20, the Lima climate conference:

Green fascism

“[The UN said] in a press release that the UN climate treaty “will be adopted” at the Paris summit late next year. It was not immediately clear how the UN could know the outcome in advance.”

“The brutal communist dictatorship in Beijing … appears to be on board with the plot. In a piece about the ongoing summit in Lima, Communist Party USA mouthpiece People’s World also touted the “climate” schemes of its comrades ruling over mainland China. The tyrants in Beijing recently signed a “climate agreement” with Obama that the administration does not intend to even consult Congress about.”

Read more: The New American


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