BREXIT: what the BBC didn’t say


BREXITImage: courtesy of Tim Montgomerie and the Wall Street Journal. Read his article.

A referendum will be held on June 23rd in the UK to decide on “BREXIT” (Britain Exit), i.e. whether to leave or remain in the European Union. The BBC has outlined the pros and cons, but the list would not be complete without a few reflexions on the dismal failures of EU policies.

Foreign policy

The actions of some NATO countries have brought lasting, dangerous chaos to Irak, Afghanistan and Libya. So, why on earth did the EU help destabilize yet another muslim country by encouraging a rebellion in Syria? The result is a catastrophe of major proportions, which has backfired against Europeans through massive, often hostile immigration –  Video: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations – and primarily against the refugees themselves, some of which have drowned at sea, including many children.

Another misguided policy of the European Commission has been to systematically humiliate Moscow. First, they attracted former USSR satellite countries into the EU and NATO, regardless of the cost – political, social and financial. Then they helped dismember Yugoslavia, another country with special ties to Russia. This, by the way, fanned independence movements within EU countries, destroying their social fabric. It’s nowhere more evident than in Spain, which is slowly desintegrating into pieces.

Russia took the punches, and kept its cool. But then Brussels got greedy, and pushed its luck one bridge too far: it courted Ukraine. This led to a protracted coup d’état in Kiev, forcing the democratically elected pro-Russian president to resign.

It took naïve EU politicians to think that Russia would let a NATO power take control of Sebastopol, which harbors its main fleet since immemorial times. Ignorant ones too, because it doesn’t take a historian to know that Khrushchev had taken Crimea and the Donetz away from Russia, by ukase, to give them to Ukraine. Being a Ukrainian himself, he had no qualms about putting under Kiev’s orders the essentially Russian population of these two provinces. This wasn’t too serious an offense as long as Ukraine was part of the USSR; but when that country became independent, the sore thumb became a casus belli.

Whatever the real motive behind this folly, the EU bull had entered the china shop. The rest is still fresh in our memories: Ukraine’s Russian populations asked Moscow for help in view of the hostile coup in Kiev. Russia obliged, sending troops into Crimea and securing its fleet in Sebastopol. The Crimeans greeted their fellow-countrymen with joy, organized a referendum and voted overwhelmingly to rejoin the Russian homeland. This happened so fast it became a fait-accompli.

Seeing this, the population of the Donetz organized their own referendum to reunite with mother Russia. But the EU scorned that democratic vote, oblivious to the Yugoslavia precedent. Instead, it helped quash the rebellion by sending weapons and money. In turn, Russia assisted the Donetz resistance, accusing the EU of double standards. Thousands died, and NATO came close to an open war with Russia, which might have led to the use of nuclear weapons.

The mess created in Ukraine by Brussels’ incompetent government is still unresolved, and the war-devastated population of the Donetz will be waiting years for an impossible solution to this stand-off between nuclear powers. One way or another, EU taxpayers will have to shore up Ukraine, a corrupt and bankrupt country, and subsidize EU farmers who can no longer export their products to Russia, an important market that has been lost in the process. As for business in general with Russia, it’s another huge loss for the EU economy. An independent Britain could benefit from that if it seized the opportunity.

Turkey is another blunder of epic proportions. For years the, er, let’s call them EU nullocrats, have been negotiating with Ankara the hypothetical admission of their country of 80 million muslims into the EU (one wonders on whose mandate, since the sovereign people of the EU were never consulted on this vital issue). This gave hope to the Turks, of course. But then European public opinion, upon finding out, reacted against this nonsense, and the negotiations were put on the back burner, humiliating the Turks in the process.

This year, following the disastrous exodus of millions of Syrians, Afghans, Irakis and Africans through Turkey and into the EU, the nullocrats offered a stupid deal to Turkey in exchange for a reduction in the flux of refugees: 6 billion euros, and the right for Turkish citizens to fly, drive or walk into the EU… without a visa! Ankara first agreed, then demanded more favourable terms still, e.g. €6 billion, yes, but every year!

We owe this mind-boggling piece of diplomacy to Angela Merkel, who brokered the deal. A final decision will be made this month on the new Turkish demands. By the way, there are really 140 million Turks, if one includes those living in central Asia.

The EU, it must be said, has no democratic authority to carry out these idiotic policies, which put Europe at considerable risk. Only two countries, Spain and Luxembourg, ratified by referendum the 2004-modified European Constitution. The French and Dutch people rejected it in 2005. The other member countries ratified it without calling a referendum. So, what happened next? – the nullocrats went around the negative referendum results by proposing a treaty to all member countries, which they signed the following year. This “Treaty of Lisbon” essentially put in force the Constitution that was rejected by the people.

In view of this, who can say that the EU is a democracy? Nullocracy, yes! Corruptocracy, certainly! (lobbyists are swarming in Brussels) But democracy? – absolutely not! Its constitution was imposed by a trick, and its government of Commissioners is not elected. All Europeans can do is watch in dismay, and brace themselves for a rough landing.

The environment

After spending millions to create a network of natural reserves throughout Europe (Natura 2000 areas), and enacting laws (“directives”) to protect biodiversity, the Commission proceeded to destroy both. Thousands of wind turbines sprouted throughout Europe, following Brussels’ diktat imposing the “energy transition”. It didn’t matter to these arrogant politicians and bureaucrats that the turbines would be killing millions of birds and bats, many of them endangered species that are controlling the proliferation of pests. They went as far as producing a Guidance document to make sure Natura 2000 areas could also have their bird choppers. Migration routes, even those of rare birds, were not spared either. Many species are on the decline as a result.

These huge machines desecrated landscapes from Finland to Portugal, destroying natural habitats, bringing rare species closer to extinction, and emitting dangerous infrasound affecting farm animals, wildlife, and people. Electricity prices have skyrocketed, but CO2 emissions keep rising: politicians had not figured out that wind is intermittent. So, we must have fossil fuels plants to back up the wind farms, and both must be subsidized. You couldn’t make this up!

The economy, and its social consequences

The euro crisis is a result of Brussels’ irresponsible foreign policy of expansion at all costs, compounded by a lack of control that allowed even the most profligate member countries, such as Greece, to borrow money as if there were no tomorrow. The EU economy, and its bankrupt financial system, are now being artificially maintained by the European Central Bank which, like the FED in the US, is creating money out of thin air, pumping it into the banking system. This has sunk interest rates to their lowest possible level (negative in some cases), so that over-extended sovereign debts are easier to service. But that’s highly unorthodox, and has caused the European currency to lose much of its value. The euro used to be as strong as the deutsche mark, it is now weaker than the dollar. Yet Greece, Spain and some other countries may still have to breakaway from the euro in the not too distant future.

There are many other failures to mention, such as the common agricultural policy, the fisheries policy, or the biggest fiasco of them all, the energiewende (transition to renewable energy). See for yourselves:
Biofuels cause food crises: article in The Guardian

Biofuels emit more CO2 than petroleum: REUTERS: Biofuels cause more carbon emissions than fossil fuels
Biofuels destroy crucial natural habitats all over the world, for example that of the tiger, rhinoceros and orang utan in Sumatra (to make room for palm oil plantations) – see: The Cost of the Biofuel Boom
Biomass causes entire forests to be felled, for example in the US, whose wood is being shipped to be burned at the Drax plant in the UK, causing CO2 emissions which will take many years to compensate (in part) by growing new trees. (that’s if these trees are not felled when grown – a big “IF”).  See: the biomass delusion

Solar energy is expensive and intermittent. Countries in finantial difficulties, such as Spain, have had to cut off subsidies to solar plants which were 12 (twelve) times higher than the market price.  Even Germany is now phasing them out
Wind energy is also intermittent and unaffordable. Like solar energy, it must be backed up by flexible fossil fuel power plants, which produce more CO2 per kWh than combined cycle gas turbines, and more still when following the variations of the wind. At the end of the day, there are no savings on carbon emissions. And the back-up plants must be subsidized too! This whole charade has proven to be a humongous waste of money, while being harmful to people’s health, to their savings (home values), to the economy, jobs, farm animals, wildlife, natural habitats, landscapes, tourism, residential and other investments, water quality, etc.

EnBW To Launch Offshore Windpark In Baltic Sea
Are European leaders daydreaming?

One government after another have found that they could not afford the high cost of wind and solar energy. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and more recently Quebec, have cut off subsidies that support these intermittent, non-performing industries. Others, like Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands, are applying the brakes. Bavaria, to save its idyllic countryside, has imposed a setback from habitations of 10 times the height of wind turbines, leaving only 1% of the territory for wind development. Investors in the wind industry are worried, but windfarm victims worldwide are welcoming this ray of hope.

Even a large, successful economy like Germany can’t afford to pay forever annual subsidies of €25 billion just to maintain the fiction that it can run on intermittent energy. With electricity prices now three times as high as in the United States, fuel poverty is affecting millions of Germans, and energy-intensive industries must be subsidized to stay in business.

In the UK, the two largest aluminum smelters had to close down, and more energy-intensive industries are in jeopardy. Countries that don’t penalize fossil fuels, such as China or India, attract these industries, providing them with cheap, dirty energy. Globally, CO2 emissions actually increase as a result of these delocalizations; but the nullocrats don’t care: they have their secret agendas.

Renewable energy is not the only dead horse the EU has been flogging. The other is Global Warming, a buzz word that was soon replaced by Climate Change in case the predicted warming would turn to cooling. Forecasting one thing and its opposite is a sure way to be right no matter what, rain or shine. It’s a con game by any standard, but one that has been taught in schools along with other politically correct nonsense. Children have fallen for it, and many adults too. Endless repetition by the media is an efficient form of brainwashing – especially by television.

Global temperatures are now coming down, after an exceptionally powerful El Niño event, one which lasted till March. They will continue to decline due to lower solar radiation, evidenced by solar cycle 24, the weakest in 100 years. It was all predicted here on November 9th: See: Democracy to die next month at COP21? Many climate scientists think that the resulting cooling period will last at least a couple of decades. This is the result of natural factors, and CO2 has nothing to do with it. In fact, anthropogenic global warming is a fraud, politically motivated and abundantly financed by public money.

Don’t expect politicians, or scientists paid by them to “prove” the warming, to admit they have a hidden agenda (except Christiana Figueres). There is money in Global Warming – er, Climate Change – money to be raised through carbon taxes and other extortion methods. These may stifle the economy, but who cares? – certainly not the alliance between utopists and corruptocrats.

There is also plenty of illicit money to be made with the other super scam, renewable energy: Newsweek: green graft

The bigger picture

As evidenced by Christiana Figueres, it is not just about corruption. Politically incorrect media tell us that Brussels is an essential part of the UN plan for global governance, which has the support of the political establishment in the US. A plan that imposes multiculturalism (to eliminate national identities), curbs freedom of speech (zero-tolerance political correctness), and redistributes wealth from the middle classes of rich countries to the ruling classes of the Third World. We are to be turned into obedient sheep, easy to fleece, ruled by clueless bureaucrats such as Ms Figueres.

How would the world be governed under that plan? Well, pretty much like the EU: unelected officials eating in the hand of powerful lobbies, with the help of a vast, incompetent and unaccountable bureaucracy. Results: ever-increasing taxes, skyrocketing electricity prices, and cultural suicide.

In a recent speech, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban warned Europeans about the loss of identity: “hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old, and national” –   Destroying Europe forever.  He may also have been referring to the video mentioned earlier (second parag. above) when he concluded: Shall we be slaves – or men set free?

R. Reagan Freedom is...


On June 23rd, Britons will have a chance that is unlikely to present itself ever again: that of voting themselves out of the incompetent, undemocratic super-state that is ruining its members and welcoming Islam as its fastest growing religion. A positive vote to leave the Union would not only save Great Britain, but other European countries which are thinking about leaving as well. So don’t be shy, have no fear, take pride in your country, and vote to LEAVE the EU. Free men and women around the world will cheer you for it.


Renewable corruption

Revolving door politics in the UK

Walney offshore windfarm, Off Barrow in Furness, Cumbria

“…the chairman of Forewind, the consortium behind the North Sea project, was Lord Deben (aka John Gummer), until it was thought appropriate that he should resign when he became chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, set up to give the Government “independent” advice on its energy policy. But he was replaced as Forewind’s chairman by Charles Hendry, who had just stepped down in turn from being Ed Davey’s colleague as Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. All very cosy. But at least it means that some of those £900 million a year we pay in subsidies will be going to a good British home.”
Christopher Booker, The Telegraph.

Note: £900 million yearly in subsidies to a single offshore project!

Read more:

Dirty financing in the US

“the windfarms’ raison d’être is that they are being used to finance political parties. In a nutshell, windfarm-related interests finance election campaigns, and in return politicians vote huge subsidies.”
Mark Duchamp, president of the World Council for Nature.

Read more:

Aussies don’t take it lying down


Which people are leading the fight against useless, expensive, destructive wind turbines?
– Australians!

Those of us fighting the wind farm scam around the world pay tribute to the courageaous people who, from Down Under, are threatening that evil industry.

In the latest article on their epic fight, we found the following to be of interest:

“Another resident on Blowholes Road, who did not want to be identified, said residents had been pro-wind energy before the project was constructed, but now realised there were alarming side effects.

“He said as well as health concerns, property values had plummeted to the point where some were almost unsaleable.”

And also this, which is something to look forward to:

“Six people took part in acoustic testing for eight weeks in June and July related to the Pacific Hydro wind facility at Cape Bridgewater.

“Acoustics expert Steven Cooper is expected to present his final report on February 9 in Portland, with Senator John Madigan also likely to attend.”

some houses on Blowholes Road, where turbines tower over the popular coastal spot, have been vacated.


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Are wind turbines killing people?


It is growing everyday more evident that wind turbines are slowly killing some residents who live in their immediate vicinity or beyond. But we can’t prove it as yet. How do you ask a dead person what was the exact cause of her suicide? How do you get a doctor to certify that the heart attack or the cancer that killed Mr. XYZ was caused by the wind turbines installed near his home?

Yet we hear of suicides in homes near wind turbines. We hear of cardio-vascular diseases, we hear of cancers…

In spite of numerous requests for epidemiological studies to be conducted near wind farms, governments turn a deaf ear. Precautionary principle? – out the window. Public health care? – down the drain. Justice? – you must be joking. All we get are denials. Governments commission biassed research that predictably denies any problems exist.

The studies are doctored to whitewash the “planet-saving” contraptions. Infrasound is excluded, yet it is known to be the cause of most of the health problems experienced by residents. Epidemiological studies are never conducted, and studies rely on “modelling” for their sound measurements. Here is what a scientist wrote about modelling: “Give me three parameters, I’ll draw you an elephant. Give me four and I’ll wag its tail”.

The “democratic” society we live in is corrupt to the point where we can’t even trust the judiciary – see below how the European Court of Justice mishandled a case brought to them by over 600 European associations of residents. So, how are we to trust our health authorities? They have covered up for the tobacco industry for decades: why do you think they will act any different now?

European Court of Justice


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Mike Barnard

Bullying a windfarm victim

In an article of August 22, 2014 by Lindsay Abrams, trying to discredit the claims of wind farm victims, we read: “Since 1998, 49 lawsuits in five countries have alleged that the clean energy source [wind farms] is making people sick. But according to new research published by the Energy and Policy Institute, the courts have shut those claims down in all cases but one.”

– I say: we could find similarly meaningless statistics if we went back in time, when the courts were absolving the Tobacco Industry.

– Most courts, like governments, have swallowed the windfarm scam hook, line and sinker. This recent judgment, evidencing a strong pro-wind bias, says it all:

– Court decisions can’t be held as the gold standard of truth and fairness. All the more in a society obsessed with political correctness, where certain ideas are arbitrarily declared “consensual”, and turned into dogmas which become ipso facto more important than the facts. Don’t we know that progress in science is almost always achieved by rejecting the “consensus”? And so it is with infrasound emitted by wind turbines: the dogma saying these emissions are benign is about to be blown apart, and this is what sparks desperate attempts at bullying and discrediting windfarm victims and the health professionals who support them.

The article proceeds to say: “The name “wind turbine syndrome” was coined by Nina Pierpont, a pediatrician who also happens to be an anti-wind activist”.

– This is the pot calling the kettle black. Mike Barnard, cited as a reference, is one of the world’s best known activists of the windfarm scam. He is in fact a professional activist, making a living from it, and receiving all kinds of help from the industry.

Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard

– Barnard, as quoted by the author of the article, criticizes people who “have declared themselves as experts”, forgetting that this includes himself. Indeed, he has no qualifications for doing what he does, yet he calls himself the “lead researcher” in the “new study” that is calling thousands of windfarm victims “liers”. The man does not know the meaning of the words “consistency” and “intellectual honesty”. He is the typical odious bully, and so appears to be Lindsay Abrams, who quotes him while adding a layer of smear of his own brew.

– Dr Nina Pierpont, on the other hand, is a courageous pediatrician who conducted field research years ago, paid with her own money, in which she found that wind farm neighbors who were complaining of sleep disruption, headaches, nauseas etc. had very consistent symptoms, which prompted her to coin a new ailment: the Wind Turbine Syndrome. She published a book on her findings, and is giving evidence in court around the world: does that make her an activist?

Dr Nina Pierpont
Dr Nina Pierpont

The propaganda piece continues: “But a review of 60 peer-reviewed articles published earlier this summer in the journal Frontiers of Public Health found only that audible noise from turbines can be annoying to some people — electromagnetic fields, low-frequency noise, infrasound and “shadow flicker” all were deemed unlikely to be affecting human health.”

– How could all these articles pretend that infrasound is “unlikely” to affect people, when we know that the military and the police have developed weapons using infrasound for debilitating enemy troops or unruly crowds? The technology is not mature yet, as a way must be found to spare friendly troops. But more devices are being patented all the time: (click article: “Deadly Silence”)

– And what about the Vibro Acoustic Disease, a long-known ailment which affects people exposed to machines that produce infrasound?

– Then ask yourselves: if infrasound were harmless, would the wind industry and governments that promote it systematically refuse to conduct research into infrasound emitted by wind turbines? And this at the risk of being sued one day for gross negligence?
I can smell a rat, can’t you?

Finally, the author of the article resorts to personal attack: “When Dr. Pierpont attempts to appear in court as an expert witness, she is rejected outright along with her 294-page vanity press book, as happened in a tribunal related to the Adelaide wind farm in Ontario.”

– She did not “attempt to appear in Court”. Her testimony was called by windfarm victims but, abusively, the judge refused to hear their expert witness. What does that tell you about the independence of justice in Ontario, a Canadian Province thoroughly corrupted by the windfarm scam?
In other countries, she was allowed to testify, and her interventions have been very helpful, whatever the outcome.

– “rejected outright along with her 294-page vanity press book” says Lindsay Abrams.
– I say: while pro-wind literature flourishes thanks to billions of dollars of public money spent to inundate the world with it, independent researchers must finance their own publications. Does that make these less valuable?
But Abrams could not resist bullying Dr Pierpont on this score, thereby bringing discredit upon himself.


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Windfarm swindle hits the rocks

Wind turbine infrasound affects OVULATION (Denmark)


“All my female employees are complaining of irregular menstruations, and several have permanent headaches.” (Boye Jensen, whose garden center has now 3 wind turbines as neighbors).

Windfarms: 1,600 miscarriages


“1,600 animals were born prematurely at a mink farm last month. Many had deformities, and most were dead on arrival.”…”The only thing different at the farm since last year has been the installation of four large wind turbines only 328 meters away.”

Another horror story from Denmark

“…when the wind blows from the South West (where the nearby wind turbines are), mother minks attack their own puppies…” See the video here:Young mink badly bitten

Windfarms kill another small business


“The owner is now closing his business for fear of being held liable should a child be born with deformities, as happened to numerous mink puppies at a fur farm near wind turbines in Jutland (1).”

X   X   X

The wind industry can no longer deny it. Tangible proof is here at last. The windfarm swindle has hit the rocks.

Read more here: World Council for Nature


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Welcome to green hell

Infrasound recorded visually


A group of mechanical engineers at the University of Minnesota recently managed to record infrasound visually. By placing a search light next to a wind turbine, with falling snow acting as a screen, it is possible to SEE the footprints of infrasound generated by each turbine blade as it passes in front of the tower. The pulsations are recorded, like footsteps in the snow. See this AMAZING VIDEO

These infrasound impulses can no longer be denied by the wind industry: they are so real they can be SEEN. But this is counting without the media at large, which manipulate public opinion by cherry picking the “stories” they will publish, and ignoring the others. Shamelessly, their editors have sold out to green fascists, crony capitalists and corrupt politicians. The new world order is here, complete with its propaganda machine and its benevolent führer.

EnBW To Launch Offshore Windpark In Baltic Sea

The Jews of this new evil empire are the windfarm neighbors. They are the roadkills of Energiewende, a fourth Reich with the world in its grip, where once again crooks impose their sick schemes through crafty manipulation. Tortured by the thousand through sleep deprivation, rural families are the collateral damage of this new regime whose war is against common sense and moderation. Their concentration camps are their own homes: moving isn’t affordable if one’s house loses a big chunk of its value and one’s income is tied to the location.

Welcome to green hell!

About the reality of the Wind Turbine Syndrome: Letter from Dr. Nina Pierpont, July 2nd 2014


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