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History has shown that civilizations evolve with time, become decadent, and are finally overwhelmed by different populations, different cultures, different religions that invade their territories. Will the West as we know it be an exception to the rule?

Last year, two important events, BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump, gave us ground for optimism. In 2017, however, it has become evident that the forces of decadence (FODs) will do anything to turn the tables around. They have enormous advantages over the patriots, who support the President: they control the entertainment industry (e.g. Hollywood), most schools and universities, and the MSM (mainstream media).

FODs can even override the democratic process. They did it in the past: Nixon was impeached for lying. Bill Clinton’s lies, on the other hand, were not punished, neither were his more serious crimes going back to Whitewater. Our justice system is not immune to decadence; neither is it to corruption.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump is in danger. Assassination is possible, but unlikely. as it might prove impopular. Playing the impeachment card could work, but it would take over 2 years before yielding the expected results. There is a third way, however, and President Trump should be warned against its possible implementation in the next couple of months: a poison that does not kill, but makes the victim ill, incoherent, or both. Congress could then declare him unfit to remain in office. The more malleable Vice President, Mike Pence, would then take over. An ex-CIA man warns about this possibility in a number of interviews, such as this one: Robert David Steele.

Steele also blows the whistle about a likely 3-million strong demonstration in Washington on May 1st, whose participants could be bussed courtesy of George Soros and other bankrollers of the undemocratic “world governance” plot. This would give the false impression that a majority of Americans wants the President removed, and provide the media with more fuel for their all-out anti-Trump propaganda.

The ex-spy also thinks that Trump’s aides in the White House are not loyal. Filtering his mail, they maintain him isolated from people who, like Steele, want to save him, America, and western civilization from being toppled from within.

Steele’s blogs may be found here:



Renewable corruption

Revolving door politics in the UK

Walney offshore windfarm, Off Barrow in Furness, Cumbria

“…the chairman of Forewind, the consortium behind the North Sea project, was Lord Deben (aka John Gummer), until it was thought appropriate that he should resign when he became chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, set up to give the Government “independent” advice on its energy policy. But he was replaced as Forewind’s chairman by Charles Hendry, who had just stepped down in turn from being Ed Davey’s colleague as Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. All very cosy. But at least it means that some of those £900 million a year we pay in subsidies will be going to a good British home.”
Christopher Booker, The Telegraph.

Note: £900 million yearly in subsidies to a single offshore project!

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Dirty financing in the US

“the windfarms’ raison d’être is that they are being used to finance political parties. In a nutshell, windfarm-related interests finance election campaigns, and in return politicians vote huge subsidies.”
Mark Duchamp, president of the World Council for Nature.

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Windfarms are redundant

The third lie: one kWh produced by a wind turbine saves one kWh produced with fossil fuels

         lier - new jobs                                  lier energy independence - David Cameron    

Left or right, same campaign: save-the-planet / don’t-mind-your-wallet.
It’s the biggest con EVER.

Here is the simple truth:

Wind farms provide no useful electricity
by Richard S. Courtney, energy consultant

Electricity is wanted all the time but the demand for electricity varies from hour to hour, day to day, and month to month. The electricity grid has to match the supply of electricity to the demand for it at all times. This is difficult because power stations cannot be switched on and off as demand varies.

The problem of matching electricity supply to varying demand is overcome by operating power stations in three modes called “base load,” “generation,” and “spinning standby.”

Some power stations operate all the time providing electricity to the grid, and they are said to provide “base load.”

Other power stations also operate all the time but do not provide electricity all the time. They burn (or fission) their fuel to boil water and superheat the resulting steam which is fed to the steam turbines that are thus kept hot and spinning all the time. Of course, they emit all the emissions from use of their fuel all the time. But some of this time they dump heat from their cooling towers instead of generating electricity, and they are then said to be operating “spinning standby.”

One or more power stations can be instantly switched from spinning standby to provide electricity to match an increase to demand for electricity. It is said to be operating “generation” when it is providing electricity. Power stations are switched between spinning standby and generation as demand for electricity changes.

Thus the grid operator manages the system to match supply with demand for electricity by switching power stations between “generation” and “spinning standby.”

Windfarm input to electricity

Windfarms only provide electricity when the wind is strong enough and not too strong. So, they suddenly provide electricity when the wind changes. The grid operator must match this changed supply of electricity to the existing demand for electricity. Of course, the grid operator achieves the match by switching a power station to spinning standby mode. That power station continues to operate in this mode so it can provide electricity when the windfarm stops supplying electricity because the wind has changed again.

Windfarms only force power stations to operate more spinning standby. They provide no useful electricity and make no reduction to emissions from power generation. Indeed, the windfarm is the true source of emissions from a power station operating spinning standby in support of the windfarm.

                                               x                 x                   x

This is confirmed by Dr. John Etherington, (retired) Lecturer in Ecology at the University of Wales. See his book, The Wind Farm Scam, for sale on Internet. It is also confirmed by independent engineers and scientists, who can speak freely, and by anyone with an open mind willing to use his/her logic: why haven’t all these wind farms reduced CO2 emissions?

                                               x                 x                   x


If wind farms provide useless electricity that is outrageously expensive, then why politicians from all parties want so much of it? Because in return for the massive subsidies they give to wind and solar profiteers, these are contributing to their electoral campaign funds. It’s all so very simple, really.

Am I the only one to think that way? – Of course not! Most “wind warriors” (anti windfam campaigners) know that; UKIP candidates know that, and refuse to danse to that tune; even a Danish High Court judge knows that (see my previous post on this blog). In a radio interview, conservationist Mark Duchamp exposed this systemic corruption most clearly, and he referred to an article and a book from the US on the subject (1). So if you have doubts, you can review the evidence:


And if you still have doubts, read the mind-gobbling article just published by world-famous investigative journalist James Delingpole. The UK is secretely installing thousands of diesel generators to take the place of wind farms when the wind drops: this will raise the price of electricity to staggering heights, and ruin the country. Read it all here:–insane-true-eco-scandals.html

Neighbors not happy

lies - multiple

Second lie: in Denmark, people are happy with their wind turbines

This is false. Nearly 200 associations of wind farm victims have formed in Denmark, and most are now federated into a larger one:
National Association of Neighbors Fighting Wind turbines.

What is more, Dr Mauri Johansson, specialist in Community & Occupational Medicine in Denmark, warns about the serious health effects of windfarms, and of the collusion of the Danish government with Big Wind. He quotes a retired Danish High Court judge who said: “wind power has thoroughly corrupted the political system.”

Here are a few more quotes from his letter:

“Documents …have shown that already in the late 1980’s there were complaints about the noise, but local as well as central authorities generally refused to investigate, and did not involve medical expertise. This happens also today.

“Despite these complaints for over 20 years, unfortunately no medically based research has ever been conducted in Denmark, even not as a base for “safe” distances and noise limitations. The only research has been engineer-performed noise measurements and calculations. This ignores the human physiological impact of the wind turbine noise, previously shown in research into the impacts of other noise sources. Engineers are not physicians, and therefore cannot assess the impact on human health. Furthermore, those acoustic engineers closely connected with the wind industry have an obvious yet rarely acknowledged financial conflict of interest.

“The ongoing denial of FACTS about the existence of serious sleep and health problems in wind turbine neighbours is unforgiveable. So too is the refusal by authorities to properly measure the noise inside people’s homes, and the refusal to conduct the multidisciplinary medical research.

“The comments made by retired Danish High Court judge Peter Roerdam in the Copenhagen Post on 16th November, 2012 (12) that wind power is “an industry which has thoroughly corrupted the political system” is all too true, in my experience, and comes at the direct expense of the health of Danish people.

“It is clear the institutional political corruption, and the lack of professional ethics on the part of wind industry acousticians and public health researchers, who ignore or deny the existence of the sleep and health problems and the consequent serious longterm damage to health, is not limited to Denmark.”

Yours sincerely,

Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH
Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine
Denmark, July 6th, 2013

See the full letter:

And this article: Neighbours on the Barricades Against Wind Turbines in Denmark