The start of Global Cooling

More evidence, more thoughts on Global Cooling

The graph below, from NOAA, confirms what I said in my previous article on the coming of global cooling – Global Cooling will start next Spring?
i.e. El Niño causes temperature peaks (red bars).

NOAA chart on Niño-Niña flavored months
Source: How will El Niño affect 2015’s placement among the warmest years on record?

On the above chart we can see clearly the plateau in global temperatures from 1998 todate, even though the dataset used by this US government agency is not wholly reliable, is subject to manipulations, and generally shows more warming than actually occurred – whereas the first graph from our previous article is based on satellite data.

In a release from University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), we read: “early indications are that 2015 will end as the third warmest year in the satellite temperature record, behind 1998 and 2010. That is the early indication. Typically, the warmest temperatures are seen in the second year of an El Niño warming event, although there have been exceptions. If the typical pattern holds true, the second year of the current El Niño would be expected to bring more record high temperatures in 2016, perhaps including a new record high temperature for the year.”
Source: Satellite data shows globe will stay below 1.5°C target
Also reported by Warming under UN target

Thus, “if the typical pattern holds true”, Global Cooling would start in 2017, not in 2016 as predicted in my article. So, we’ll just have to wait and see…

About the People’s Climate March

people's climate march

The real goal of the People’s Climate March

As Germany and other countries rapidly backtrack on their commitment to the use of renewable energy, finding just how expensive and economically damaging it is, we Americans are allowing ourselves to be railroaded into a similar, bleak future.

“And maybe that’s the real goal of the People’s Climate March.”

Read the whole article, from Professor Roy Spencer, one of the world’s most brilliant climate scientists:
The uninformed hypocritical emotionally driven peoples climate march


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Global cooling confirmed

Global COOLING confirmed

Principia Scientific just published an important article by Dr Sierra Rayne:

Indeed, the cooling is already being felt by people in Europe and the United States

April 5th, I published an official graph from NOAA showing a clear cooling trend in February average temperatures around the world: 

2014 02  NOAA temperature anomalies graph

May 14th, Principia Scientific published another NOAA graph showing a clear cooling trend for the three month period January to March. This is more significant still. Here it is:

2014 05 2014 NOAA global cooling graph

This goes to show that:

– climate modelling failed,

– the IPCC reports are unreliable,

– CO2 is not a significant driver of climate,

– all the hoopla, all the propaganda, and the trillion dollars spent to curb CO2 emissions have been wasted.

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NASA scientist: GW is rubbish

Former NASA scientist

Here is the article from the Yorkshire Evening Post:


A prominent scientist and former NASA researcher has added his voice to those who challenge the “scientific fact” that manmade carbon emissions are causing global warming.

Dr. Leslie Woodcock is a professor emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England, with a Ph.D. from the University of London, and served as a senior research consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio.

In an interview with Britain’s Yorkshire Evening Post, Woodcock declared: “The theory of ‘manmade climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

“The theory is that CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel causes ‘global warming.’ In fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 times more of it in our atmosphere [than carbon dioxide].

“Carbon dioxide has been made out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We breathe it out, plants breathe it in. The green lobby has created a do-good industry and it becomes a way of life, like a religion. I understand why people defend it when they have spent so long believing in it.”

Woodcock is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a founding editor of the journal Molecular Simulation, a recipient of a Max Planck Society Visiting Fellowship, and a former guest scientist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

He went on to say: “If you talk to real scientists who have no political interest, they will tell you there is nothing in global warming. It’s an industry which creates vast amounts of money for some people.

“The temperature of the earth has been going up and down for millions of years. If there are extremes, it’s nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s not permanent and it’s not caused by us. Global warming is nonsense.

“It’s become almost an industry, as a consequence of this professional misconduct by government advisers around the world.”

But he added: “You can’t blame ordinary people with little or no science education for wanting to be seen to be good citizens who care about their grandchildren’s future and the environment.”


On the same topic, not to be missed:

The global warming flapdoodle …

and the global COOLING evidence (from an official graph)


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The global warming flapdoodle …

and the global COOLING evidence

Global warming has been the cry of government climate scientists since the 1980’s. But actual government data proves global cooling has taken over from warming during this century, as per the official U.S. satellite records (see graph).

2014 02  NOAA temperature anomalies graph
Global land and ocean temperature anomalies as at February 2014
Anomalies are with respect to the 20th century average

What’s interesting about this graph? Well, first we see that, since 1977, the world temperature has been consistently hotter than the 20th century average. But if we look more closely, we can see that the heat has been abating since 1998.

This data has been collected by NCDC (National Climatic Data Center) which is part of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), a scientific agency of the US Administration. NOAA is an international leader for temperature data. The two others are NASA’s GISS in the US, and the UK’s University of East Anglia’s CRU (Climate Research Unit), working jointly with the Hadley Center (of the Met Office).

The GISS webpage cannot be accessed presently at:, but HAD-CRUT did publish their graphs for February, which confirm the new cooling trend:

Government-financed scientists, who collect and interpret the data, have in the past done their best to “hide the decline” (Climategate). Today, unfortunately, climate science continues to be corrupted by billions of dollars of government money. NOAA are arguably less corrupt than the other two, but they are still very much so in the way they present things. On their webpage below we can read: “Arctic winter sea ice extent is 5th smallest since 1979”. It would have been more objective to say: “… is larger than in 2012, and the 5th smallest since 1979”.

NOAA arctic sea ice winter 2013 5th smallest on record
NOAA: “Arctic winter sea ice extent is 5th smallest since 1979”

The following title, on the other hand, was objective: “Surface melt on Greenland Ice Sheet back near average in 2013.”

NOAA Greenland melt back to average in 2013
NOAA: Greenland melt back near average in 2013

Anyway, what’s interesting is that we are witnessing a reversal of the warming trend. This was expected by “climate skeptic” scientists, who’ve been arguing for years that cooling and warming follow the variations of solar activity, not the emissions of CO2.

As solar radiation has been declining lately, it is not surprising that world temperature should be declining as well. Never mind the ritual IPCC flapdoodle* – political gesticulation meant to scare us into accepting carbon taxes and subsidies to the wind farm scam. Politicians won’t give up dishing out money to the wind industry, as part of it is returned to finance their electoral campaigns. They LOVE that “green” revolving door.

* flapdoodle: nonsense. Originally, “the stuff they feed fools on”, 1833.

In fact, we are half-way into solar cycle 24 (the sun’s activity follows cyclical patterns, the shortest lasting 10-13-year). Solar cycle 24 happens to be the weakest in 100 years. We are presently near or past its peak, and from the graph below you can see how low it is in comparison to the previous cycle.

Solar cycle 24 to Feb 2014
NOAA: Solar cycle 24 is peaking much lower than the previous one

As we pass the peak, more cooling is to be expected. If solar cycle 25 is weaker still than # 24, temperatures could drop to the level of the Little Ice Age, a cold period from 1550 to 1850, which saw the Thames frozen solid, and crops rotting in the fields from too much rain. This prompted many Europeans to emigrate to America. In France, which was Europe’s grain basket, starving Parisians took to the streets asking for bread. Soon they developed a fancy for the guillotine, and executed their rulers. This begs the question: will history repeat itself?

If a “little ice age” would happen now, with 7 billion people on earth plus 75 million added every year, skyrocketing food prices and mass starvation would ensue. Yet, foolishly, our governments keep wasting money on ineffective wind turbines to cool (sic) the climate. Perhaps they do deserve the guillotine after all?


This article is also published here:

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