The Panama Papers manipulation

Will the media protect most offenders?

The Panama Papers are being released by the media in a selective manner.  We don’t hear anything that may embarrass big business, western politicians that think inside the box, and most public figures. A deal has been made, we are told, with the selected few that have been granted access to the leaked material. This is why the public has only heard about the usual villains, like Putin, or celebrities that do not enjoy the favor of the demophobic global governance coalition.

Craig Murray denounces this selective opacity in his blog:

Quote – The Suddeutsche Zeitung, which received the leak, gives a detailed explanation of the methodology the corporate media used to search the files. The main search they have done is for names associated with breaking UN sanctions regimes. The Guardian reports this too and helpfully lists those countries as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia and Syria. The filtering of this Mossack Fonseca information by the corporate media follows a direct western governmental agenda. There is no mention at all of use of Mossack Fonseca by massive western corporations or western billionaires – the main customers. And the Guardian is quick to reassure that “much of the leaked material will remain private.” Unquote
Read more here: Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak

However, for those of you who wish to investigate people or companies for which you have a particular interest, here are a few tools that may be useful:

Offshore Leaks Database

Searching for documents

Someone already searched for Irish companies


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